About the portal

Open Data Portal

Open data is data in machine readable format that can be freely used and redistributed by anyone, for any purpose. Therefore, the data made available are free, in the sense that access to them is not and must not be in any way conditional or restricted.

In the Republic of North Macedonia, the Law on Use of Public Sector Data establishes the obligation for public sector bodies and institutions to publicly publish the data they create in the exercise of their competencies in accordance with the law, i.e. to publish open data in order to enable the use of that data by legal entities or individuals to create new information, content, applications or services.

The Open Data Portal offers a wide range of data related to the work of the Assembly, through a web-based interface for simpler searching and downloading of data sets. This approach significantly increases the transparency and accountability of the Assembly because users can obtain data in the most basic form, giving them much greater potential for research, analysis, stories, and applications using that data.

The open data portal will publish data related to: parliamentary composition, the work of parliamentary bodies, professional services, research, financial data, etc.